WHAT WE DO / Consultancy


Full market intelligence

Where: We define countries to concentrate on and then provide extensive market information about feed production, local and international actors, competition, other targets, and commercial information (with prices if possible).
How: We analyze registration requirements, top researchers and nutritionists, media (magazines, internet, etc.) and main marketing activities for 2017.

Product registration
We prepare the registration dossiers/documents to be presented to the competent authorities, as well as follow up until product registration is final.

Market approach
How, where, when, with whom.
We can adapt and translate technical information to Spanish and Portuguese.
Marketing: we suggest activities and campaigns for 2017.

Business plan
We follow an Active plan, to determine costs and prospective sales projections, all depending on the success of the product registration process. Regular updates are provided.

We are constantly looking for potential asset opportunities in the territory, such as feed mills, feed additives and feed phosphate projects, contributing with relevant information for evaluation of the project (due diligence).

Using FeedProfessionals outside the American territory
Our extense network can provide information on potential distributors in other continents.


Av. Cabildo 642, piso 6
(C1426AAT) CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: +54 11 4776-0244
Inscr. en SENASA. N° 11921/A/D

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